Videos and Podcasts

On this page of our website you will find videos & podcasts discussing Irlen® Syndrome, as well as links to outside sources. Along with Terry's own videos, we have featured media from Irlen® patients and other professionals.

We highly recommend browsing through videos posted to the Irlen® Institute YouTube Page. There you will find many useful discussions among Irlen® Screeners and Diagnosticians, heart-warming success stories from patients, as well as many videos featuring the founder, Helen Irlen.

We are continually updating this section of our website, so please check periodically for new videos, podcasts, and blog posts from the Irlen® community.


Terry on "The Money Hour" speaking about the effects of Irlen® Syndrome in the workplace.

A client suffering form traumatic brain injury (TBI) illustrates both his struggle and recovery using Irlen® Spectral Filters.

Charrisa is a warrior in her personal battle with Lyme Disease. See the joy of her first experience with the Irlen® Method (starting at 18:37). Also, follow Charrisa's daily video blog and Facebook page, Slice of Lyme!


Helen Irlen® appearing on the podcast "Bulletproof", Episode #98 Transforming Lives with Light

Helen Irlen® appearing on the podcast "Bulletproof", Episode #181 Irlen® Syndrome & Visual Stimuli on the Brain


Helen Irlen® appearing on the podcast "Bulletproof", Episode #291 Your Glass is Always Full Through Irlen® Lenses

David Accola, an Irlen® patient who suffered from headaches, offers a teen's prospective on Irlen® Syndrome, its symptoms and treatment.

While wearing his Irlen® Spectral Filters, Burt, a client of Irlen® Services Northwest, describes his struggles with suffering traumatic brain injury as a result of a car crash. This is a the first of a series of videos he is producing to help those recognize symptoms in themselves and others.