Carla Zoerb - 46


The symptoms I had were little to no depth perception, light-sensitivity (the darker the room the better), dyslexia, headaches and words that would float and sparkle as I would read from the page. Each of these visual issues has changed drastically with the use of the Irlen® Filters. The headaches are gone, words stay put on the page and my dyslexia has improved greatly.

When I received my first set of lenses it was like opening a door and letting in a breath of fresh air into my life. Things that would have been more nerve racking, to say the least, became something to enjoy! I can hike without the fear of falling off the trail, because before my filters I could not tell where the edge was. I can play catch with my son and catch and throw it with some accuracy. I live a life without the constant eye strain headache that I had become so used to that I even forgot it was there. It has been an amazing change that not only have I seen but my friends and family have as well.

Christine Titus - 67 

Retired / Jewelry


This was my second evaluation, but this was the first with Terry. My original symptoms were regarding  reading, light sensitivity, and depth perception issues. My original pair of Irlen® filters were too dark to view movies on my computer. Terry was very patient with me and guided me through the process. I learned new and important information regarding Irlen® syndrome. When I received my new glasses, I was thrilled to be able to use them a while spending hours on the computer. I literally cannot function without them. They are so important to me that I have a backup pair so that I never have to be without them.

Susan Bielka - 58 

Spiritual Life Coach


I had no idea that I had limited depth perception until I looked through the correct filters. I had no idea that you could actually see the distance between cars! I'd fall asleep reading because it was too exhausting. I dealt with headaches, migraines, light sensitivity, and general visual confusion. My filters changed all that. Things that never made sense to me started to creep into my understanding. I did not get filters until I was 40 years old and all those years I thought I was too stupid to understand what other people knew. My self-esteem was pretty low. As my brain healed by wearing my filters, I realized how smart I was. It took some brains and courage to survive 40 years with a significant disability. Having that disability corrected has opened several avenues that I could have never imaged years before. I have had several friends and clients in my inner circle that now swear by their filters as well. There was life before my filters, and then there is my life after filters. Life after filters is actually living. I am so happy!