Frequently Asked Questions about
Screening for Irlen® Syndrome

How can I (or my child) be evaluated for Irlen® Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)?
It takes 2 appointments to be fully evaluated. The initial screening will determine if you have Irlen® Syndrome & which of the many possible symptoms you have. This initial screening takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We check for light sensitivity, difficulty with depth perception, problems seeing clear and stable print and other environmental distortions. Several colors of plastic overlays are placed over a white page to find relief for these issues while reading the text.

If we find overlays that help your symptoms, you return for a diagnostic where we try different lens filters to find which combination best relieves your symptoms. These lenses are more effective than overlays because they can correct more problems. For example, if looking at a whiteboard is uncomfortable, lenses will reduce glare and distortion - but overlays cannot be used for this problem. Lenses also reduce light sensitivity in many environments - in fluorescent light, sunlight and glare when driving at night. Depth perception may also be improved with lenses.

The optimal lens filter color is often different from the most helpful overlay color.

How much does it cost?
The initial screening appointment costs $397 if it is done at Irlen® Services Northwest. We can travel to you, however, please note there will be an additional travel fee.

The fee for the second evaluation, diagnostics, can vary depending on individual circumstances. Typically they will be approximately $1,200. This price includes the appointment fee, lab fees and shipping and handling fees. Again, we can travel to you, if needed, for an additional fee. Frames are provided by the patient.

Effective 1/1/2021, the processing fee for filter orders without a tint check assessment (e.g. replacement of lost or broken filters, new Rx, additional pair, etc.) is $50.

There are certified Irlen® Screeners in many communities throughout the Northwest and their fees vary. Upon request we are happy to provide you with names of certified screeners near you to inquire about fees, schedules and locations.

Payment is due at time of the appointment - check, cash, Venmo. HSA accounts are accepted as reimbursement for fees paid upfront. Credit Card payments are available - convenience fees of 4% apply.

What if I already wear glasses?
If you wear bifocal lenses, you will need to provide them. You must sign a Lenses Waiver and have your lens provider sign a form stating that the lenses are tintable, otherwise we prefer to make the lenses at our lab. In the case of plano (non-prescription) lenses, the Irlen® Lab will no longer tint plano lenses provided by the client due to inconsistent results. The Irlen® Lab will provide high quality plano lenses which are guaranteed to be tintable.

Can contact lenses be tinted?
Yes! If you wish to obtain tinted contact lenses, there are special provisions and requirements which will be provided to you upon inquiry. Please note that not all contact brands are able to be tinted and we will provide you with a list of approved brands by the Irlen® Lab.

Who can be tested?
Anyone over the age of 7 can be tested.

Why do I need to have my vision checked before Irlen© screening?
The problems you may be experiencing could be caused by vision difficulties. If so, an optometrist or eye specialist will identify the problems and correct your vision. This may be by prescription glasses or by doing eye exercises.

If you continue to experience problems after corrective treatment by an optometrist, we will check to see if you also have Irlen® Syndrome. If you have vision problems as well as IS, we can put the Irlen® tint into prescription glasses. In this case, the lenses must be CR39 plastic, uncoated and untinted.