Eric Waters - Age 45


In the past, words would move around making it difficult to keep my place on the page. The paper also seemed to glow back at me while I tried to read. It would take me 15 minutes to read a single page and remember what I read. I got headaches all the time and I would often get dizzy when reading printed text. Bright lights caused me to see spots. I also had trouble judging where the edge of a table was. I would often drop glasses of water because I couldn't see the edge.

I have been wearing filters for 17 years now. I can read extremely fast and retain the information on the first read. I have fewer headaches and the spots I normally see are much smaller and fewer of them. I'm also not bothered as much by my light sensitivity when wearing my filters.

I never thought I would finish college with a degree. I did back in 2004. I am now back in college for a degree in Biomedical Sciences with hopes of becoming a cancer research scientist. Many of my classmates ask me about my filters and why I use colored paper for everything! I do my best to share with them what it is like to live with Irlen® Syndrome as I feel it is my duty to be an ambassador of the Irlen® Method!

Kinsey Patterson - 16


I'm just wanting to thank you so much for all you do. I appreciate that you squeezed in Kinsey into your busy schedule to test her and continually replied to my never ending questions and messages. She is doing amazing. She does math without help and does well in it. She has not done math without help for over a year! She's happy about going to school every day. No headaches, stomachaches, or meltdowns! She is adding lunch and band to her school day in 2 weeks. She has not worn headphones since the day she put her glasses on! She only has some science labs and a test to make up and she'll be all caught up! It's truly a life changer for her. So thank you for taking me at my word that she needed testing, meeting me half way and speeding up the process. Kinsey and I couldn't thank you enough.

Holland Cranch - 10


This is the first time she has ever wanted to wear her glasses and she is really loving them. In the past it was always a stuggle to keep them on her. We have seen a remarkable improvement in her schoolwork. She happily starts her lessons without argument or fear, and the amount of time she can focus has increased considerably. Her confidence has also blossumed, and she is feeling proud of herself.