Terry Carlson, M. Ed Owner, Irlen® Services Northwest

Terry Carlson, owner of Irlen® Services Northwest, has a Masters in Special Education/Endorsement in Reading and had been teaching in the public school systems; in secondary Special Education Literacy Programs; for over 20 years. While teaching in the public school system, Terry was introduced to Irlen® overlays by the literacy coach while searching for specific interventions when student’s progress had stalled. She noticed an immediate improvement with reading comprehension. Students often told her, “the words don’t move anymore, I can see the words clearly now.”

Encouraged by the results with her students and realizing their potential once this visual barrier was removed, Terry elected to be trained as an Irlen® Screener in 2008. In 2011, she trained as an Irlen® Diagnostician, which enabled her to administer Irlen® Spectral Filters, as well as train other educators and care givers as Irlen® Screeners. Terry has since retired from the public school system to dedicate her work to identifying and supporting clients who will benefit from the Irlen® Method. Her passion for learning and teaching continues to serve her in this new chapter of her career.

In her free time, Terry enjoys spending time hiking, bicycling, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and relaxing in Eastern Washington with her husband, two boys and grandchildren. Terry enjoys staying physically fit and can often be found at the gym almost every morning. She’s also a voracious reader and loves candy corn.